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Women in Defence Association Launches Awards to
Create Recognition to Diversity

08 March 2024

With the generous support of our WA Defence Industry International Women's Day partners; 

Henderson Alliance, Defence West, VESPIIA and Novel Management,

the Women in Defence Association was launched.

Our mission is to create a lasting impact within the industry, and to kickstart this journey, we introduced two prestigious awards:

The Wendy Angela Award, recognises organisational commitment to diversity.
The Sarah Taylor Award, celebrates individual efforts towards genuine diversity.

Congratulations to our two Wendy Angela Award finalists:

  • Magnetic People - Winner

  • Barrett Communications/Motorola Solutions - Finalist

Congratulations to our Sarah Taylor Award finalists:

  • Nola Pearce of TraumaSim - Winner

  • Sherry Baxter - Working Spirit - Finalist

These outstanding organisations and individuals have gone above and beyond policy and reporting, exemplifying a true commitment to diversity in the defence industry.


Join us in celebrating their achievements and the impact they have made.

*Event Photos are now available here*


ID Picture: Photo of WiDA Board, featuring left to right: Colleen Yates, Reena Strehle, Sarah Thomas, Shamsa Lea, Rachel Falzon, Shannon Hennessy and Judi Irvineon the balcony of the ANZAC Club during the WA Defence Industry International Women's Day event. 

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